Monday, October 02, 2006

Japan has got to have possible some of the worst weather in the world. Rain, rain, piss hot, rain......then i get to work.

You may be familiar with the "old" system of corporate advancement in japan; based solely on seniority. Age respected and talent repressed so youngins don't outshine their bosses. Well these days, many companies are trying to change that, much to their credit. But the Japanese mind just can't do anything without a rigid system in place nor can they do it quickly, even with some of the most efficient management models in the world.

We are in the process of filling out our are bi-yearly performance sheets, which requires us to set goals for the coming semester. My level in the company is a 3 out of 8. This means that I'm late 20's, maybe 30 or 31. Supposedly, seniority is taken out, and performance factored in. As a 3 on the new "performance scale", I'm limited to what goals I may set. Such as making improvement to internal process and the like.

I will have saved $120,000 by the end of this year. But savings like that go to the credit of the boss. As a 3, examples of what i'm supposed to be able to do are: "concisely follow written and oral instructions" or "is able to read and accurately summarize contents" and "can to clearly and concretely communicate ideas orally, and in writing." Sounds like crap I did for 13 (well, 11.5 if you're really technical) years grades k-12. This is what my bonuses and raises are based on. Well jesus christ, call me Einstein, give me a yacht and crown me king of the retards because by their standards I must be a god-damned genius. Performance-based my arse.

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