Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yesterday the weather was fine, nothing special to complain about or admire. I worked until about 7, and went out for a few beers afterwards. I quit smoking on 5/30 of this year, but had a few smokes last night. That means I should stay away from alcohol for a while so I don't get the urge to smoke. Shouldn't be drinking anyway. I'd rather smoke one.

Our dumb travel agent won't reserve a hotel for two of our assessors at the Paris Airport. Sorry for the sudden change in topic, but I've asked him several times to reserve the rooms for them, but he just keeps saying "I'll think of something else." He keeps saying this because the hotel is expensive. I don't understand why he cares, it's my company that pays for it. I don't know why, but I always get the impression that there's more than meets the eye behind these kind of things. I don't believe that he's just thinking. It must be a conspiracy. It's all a conspiracy.

Now that I've vented my psychosis, I can relax. I took the morning off, slept on and off until 10:00 or so. Then I woke up, played with my son Noah for a while, took a shower and split for the office. On the way, I don't really remember thinking anything. The pottery school I used to attend lets me park my bike in their parking lot. It happend to be close to the train station. Usually its not open when I go to work, but it was open this morning because of my late start. Had to stuff the bike between a cement block half-wall and a sign because of the cars in the parking lot which aren't usually there. By the way, the "parking lot" has 2 spaces. The train ride was nice because peoples limbs weren't being stuffed into the cars by the attendants on the platform. What I mean is it wasn't crowded, thus, always a plus. Once I got off at Kamiyacho station (central Tokyo) I bought my lunch at Wako, a ton-katsu restaurant. I ate it. It was good. For a hunk of breaded pork. After that, I got the usual banter about what I did last night. I never seem to hear anything about other people, who they went drinking with or where. But for some reason, everyone seems to know about my stuff. Now, if it was a fairly common phenomenon, not only focused on my escapades, logically I should hear something from time to time about others. Not so. I take that back, I did hear about one guy who went to a horse track while on business in Niigata (western Japan, some serious snowfall). Just shows to go ya where people's priorities are.

My son was bugging to go outside this evening so I took him out for a walk. He drank grape Fanta for the first time. haha, I don't know if the taste of the bubbles made his face twist and distort the way it did, but he had me laughing. It almost looked like (stay with me here) he was biting a piece of aluminum foil or something. After a few sips, he was giving me the bottle and tell me to drink it. "I don't want this crap." He's some kinda wonderful, thats for sure.

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