Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today it was raining again.......

Most of the day. It really is a pain in the rear to get to work when it rains. I can never figure out why there are more people on the train when it rains. Its not like they live close enough to walk to work and decide to take the train when it rains. In San Francisco I could understand when the buses got crowded when it rained. The city could fit on a standard globe. It was almost comical the distance that people would take the bus there. I live about 12 minutes walk from the nearest station. That translates into about a 4 minute bike ride. Riding a bike with an umbrella is not the most effective way not to get wet. I think the wetness level achieved by riding a bike is the same because with a bike, you're forcing the rain onto you, where as walking it falls naturally. The time exposed is longer with walking, I'll give you that, but it just seems like by making so much more contact with the rain, aahhhhh, forget it. Either way ya get wet. I miss Wisconsin because the only contact you had with rain was limited to the time it took you to get to your car from the office/grocery store/Citgo/breakfast joint and vice-versa.

I got a DVD burner today from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. Its nice, it reads and writes DVD and CDs, which should come in handy. Also, all these Noah videos gotta find a home by Grandma and Grandpa. Its got that new laser etching thing called LabelFlash. Kinda cool, but the quality in the pictures is a lot better than the actual result. Now I can finally take over the elusive DVD bootlegging world. Kinda like Plankton and the Krabby Patty. Any electronics dork would love that store. 8 huge floors of all electronics and electronic-related stuff (notebook cases, etc.).

I think Noah is still awake. I can't do anything on the computer when he's in here. Takes the mouse/mouse pad, turns off the power (good thing it requires a good hold-down time) climbs on my lap. Its irritating, but when I think that he's just trying to learn and grow I feel kind of guilty for being irritated. He ate about a quarts worth of grapes, which were about the size of a half-dollar. Huge grapes. Just huge. He finally got filled up and (it showed) he didn't really slow down. As a matter of fact, it was something akin to feeding the flame. No more aloha shirts! Ooops, I didn't mean to type that last one. Really.

Now that I've spilt my piece, I'll let you rest. I know you can't stop reading the engaging tales of my life.

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