Sunday, March 16, 2008

I hope I didn't worry anyone by my last post (mom!). I assumed you read my blog and called, being the good mom that you are. It's not like I'm a raging alcoholic or anything like that. I've just been feeling down in the dumps a little. What's more concerning is that Japan seems to be getting even smaller and more crowded, if anyone can believe that. It's just a little hard having to come back here every time after visiting. It's becoming harder and harder to leave every time (for at least the last two times). However, getting a scooter sure helped things. Being able to say goodbye to the train was a blast, although I still need to ride it once in a while when it rains. So anyway, please don't anyone worry.
Its been a while since I've posted. More than one year to be exact. I believe the last tirade I went on was one of our reaction to N. Korea's nuclear test. I'm not quite sure where to start today. I've been drinking a lot. I went to San Francisco last year in December and saw somebody I used to really like. She had not changed a bit. Still the same cynical girl (99% of the time not towards me) I came to have feelings for. It's really complicated, at least for me. I'm not sure if she ever knew of my feelings of if she ever felt the same about me. After I came back to Japan, I never quite got over the reality that my life existed in another area of the world. I started to drink, quite a bit. Then on the eve of a 10 day vacation during New Year's I broke my ankle. I was drinking a bottle of shochu (Japanese stuff, like sake but stronger). I literally went through about 10 liters of the stuff in 10 days. Not heavy drinking in a short period of time, but basically drinking from 11am - 11pm. I haven't been able to pick myself up since.