Monday, January 19, 2009

My son is great.  I would like to optimize our relationship.  However, everything I search the web about father-son relationships, there is a good percentage of them which are religious.  Can't you fuckin' Christians leave anything alone?  Do you have to attribute the successes of everything else to your religion?  You can be Christian, I can be the religious equivalent of the Green Party of an Independent, but go fucking be Christian somewhere else!  Stop pushing your religion on everybody!  That issue about the pope offering a glimpse of the confession at the Vatican for crimes more heinous than genocide for example?  You know what they are?  For example desecration  of the holy sacrament, body of christ.  If you go for communion and spit out that crappy wafer on the way back because it tastes like poorly seasoned cardstock, then your average priest cannot absolve you.  You need the big guns, the pope.  This is worse the genocide.  Can you imagine?  If desecration of the body of christ if such a sin, you'd think they'd go through a little effort to make the symbolic offering palatable.  Kind of disjointed rambling, but there you go.